Who are the 101st Chairborne Digitized Division

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Who are the 101st Chairborne Digitized Division

Post by Ulfgaar on Thu 21 May - 8:59

101st Chairborne Digitized Division is a community of friends and acquaintances, that has the common interest of gaming - be it on computers, TV consoles or even table top, pen and paper games.

This particular forum is dedicated to the community's Arma 3 addicts. We recide here for the purpose of delving more into our passion for the game, to discuss the game, its mods, arrange events and just in general have fun with the game and to keep in touch. This Arma 3 group also recruits from outside the 101st CDD - so even though you are not a member of the 101st CDD Community group as such, you can be a member of our Arma 3 community.

In addition to this forum, we use "Teamspeak" for communication, both when gaming and outside. The information on this, will be accessible for you once you have registered and been accepted into the group.

The 101st CDD also have a group on "Facebook", where one can get in contact with us as well. This group is however an "invite only" group, and thusly only accessible if you get invited by one of its members.

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